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Generate Leads

Generating and closing quality customer leads is the essence in the real estate closing business. Online services that can support those efforts, bringing to bear sophisticated software tools and features, are becoming an increasingly important item in our client’s arsenal.

Set Up Workflows

A workflow is a pre-designed series of activities that is set up within your CRM and used to automate customer marketing processes. Any task that is repetitive in nature can be put into a workflow. When you systematize every step of your process into workflows you have more time for face-to-face interaction with your contacts AND you ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. When setting up a workflow there are 5 components you have to consider: Why, Who, When, What and Where.

Track Your Tasks

Custom segmentation marketing tasks and checklists are often the most precise and effective way to ensure your customer’s data is up-to-date and organized throughout the transaction closing acquisition and retention process. As you receive each document and complete each task a custom checklist of action items makes it easy to see completed and incomplete tasks quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to retain, acquire and convert your customers.

How can I properly setup an account?

To properly setup an account click on “Get Started” at the top of the page or “Client Sign up”.

Can I integrate my Mailchimp lists with my account and segment subscribers?

Yes you can integrate your Mailchimp lists with your segment subscribers and your Closingology marketing segmentation account. From your MailChimp Account Step 1: Retrieve Your MailChimp API Key, click on your account icon in the bottom left and select Profile. Click Extras. Select API keys. Scroll down and click Create A Key. Copy your API Key. Step 2: Integrate Mailchimp. Closingology's Geolocation approximates where your prospects and customers are located so you can target your campaigns for specific regions or time zones. We gather geolocation data each time they interact with your Mailchimp signup form and email campaigns.

Can I integrate with other CRM software and directly pull records from the database?

Yes with Closingolgy's data integration you can stay inside one system (like your Salesforce CRM) and access data from other systems (like Oracle and SAP) inside the system you're already in. With Salesforce there are a few different ways you can integrate data into your CRM. APIs are how computers or other systems interact with Salesforce.

Can I change my account profile after sign up?

Yes you can change your Closingolgy's account information after you sign up such as your name, company, business address, email address, etc.

Can I ask for specific features?

Yes we can customize specific market segmentation features such as Territorial/Graphic, Demographic, Socio-Physiological, Need-Oriented, Volume, Qualitative, Product and Lifestyle segmentations.

Can I invite people who don't own an account yet to my team?

Yes after you sign up you can send an invite email to your business colleagues for them to also sign up on Closingology’s website.

How many customer records are allowed to process monthly?

There are two cases for Market Segmentation records: 1) If you use SAP Business Warehouse customer data you can go up to 500k records 2) if you do not use SAP Business Warehouse data then you can go up to 1 million customer records. These are rules of thumb and there are other factors involved which may lead to higher or lower boundary values.

Do you make custom implementations?

Yes we design custom implementations to your company’s specifications.

Can I sign up for more than one account with the same email address?

Unfortunately, you can’t sign up for more than one account with the same email address.

Can we manage user roles?

Yes you can assign a designated Account Manager at your company who has full access to managing user roles.

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