The Ultimate Closing Dashboard.

Managing your real estate transactions making sure they are successfully notarized and closed.


Closing Analytics

Understanding and engaging in your real estate closing transactions.

Connect to data stream

Providing an in-depth and detailed analysis of the real estate closing activity by client tracking, closing agent performance, loan activity comparing the current month to the same month of the previous year, the previous month and year-to-date.

Configure dashboard

Create analytical tables in dashboard by the number of closings, dollar value of closings, and ranking by number of closings by each closing agent and multi-channel.

Custom analytics

Analytics and reporting on real estate transactions by agent, closing date, funding type, property type, home amount, location and more.

Create data pattern features

Both monthly and year-to-date totals on graphs that reflect selected tables, average and medium real estate transaction values and closings ranked for easy comparison.


Integrating your Closing Process

Understanding and engaging in your real estate closing transactions

React Faster

Closing data can be seen in real time. A steep fall in homes sold and refinance pricing negatively affects households’ wealth and financial institutions’ balance sheets through collateral and property values.

Learn From Closing Data

Intelligent closing data providing risk assessment and the availability of indicators such as Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio, the Loan-to-Income (LTI) ratio, the Loan Service to Income (LSTI), Debt-to-Income (DTI) ratio and Debt Service to Income (DSTI) ration.

Setup workflows

Pull various closing data sources providing an ad hoc function where specific parameters can be configured for reporting.

Scale up

Gone are the bundles of paper that must be read through on the spot at a closing table. Closingology gives access to vital information before it’s time to sign and after.


A Powerful Dashboard

A full-fledged notarization allowing for maximum closing success.

Dynamic & Intuitive

Closing data that facilitates the financial process, monitoring and communication.

Get started in a breeze

One stop shop for all your closing needs.


Making Home Closings More Transparent & Efficient

Moving from the current chaotic, paper-based process to a modern, digital transaction

Close anywhere
Analyze all closing factors
Service all of your customers

We got you covered

Every closing matters, learn how to analyze them.

Every closing matters. We give you the tools to succeed.

Analytics on real estate transactions by closing date, closing type, property type, property amount, assessed value, location and more.

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