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Closing data has become the key for the real estate and mortgage industry who wish to take it to the next level. Our closing technology platform changes everything.

Make solid decisions

Managing closing data is essential. We give you the tools to analyze real time transactions in order to make long term decisions.

Scale when needed

You can start at a low scale to manage your daily closing operations and activity. Our solution is designed to be fully scalable. It scales seamlessly as your closings grow.

What we do

We provide you with closing solutions, helping you make decisions and take action.
Global analytics

Global analytics using closing data allows companies to analyze the way they do business with customers with low access to mortgage financing nationwide and globally.

App analytics

Understand and track the app’s performance, app engagement and usage, customer retention, marketing campaigns, closing trends and more.

Closing analytics

Analytics on real estate transactions by closing date, closing type, property type, property amount, assessed value, location and more.

Finance Analytics

Intelligent closing data providing risk assessment and availability of indicators such as Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio, the Loan-to-Income (LTI) ratio, the Loan Service to Income (LSTI), Debt-to-Income (DTI) ratio and Debt Service to Income (DSTI) ration.


Dynamic analytics

Create your own data widgets and build your dashboard

Get started in minutes

Cloud-based software with easy setup and no additional technology investment requirements.

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Our team is made of IT professionnals

We back you up

High security, tight data encryption, archived and instant data backups. Closingology works seamlessly with digital mortgage technology and signing platforms to execute the eNote and other lender documents, utilizing mortgage process chosen by the lenders.


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Post and Rate Comments

Closingology has the industry’s first virtual Interactive client, customer and agent portals with video, voice, chat, text and email messaging.

Powerful analytics

Real time data

Providing an in-depth and detailed analysis of the real estate closing activity by client tracking, closing agent performance, loan activity comparing the current month to the same month of the previous year, the previous month and year-to-date.

Find anything

Efficient Search tools

With Advanced Search queries you can search any closing data details by using keywords in the search box including customer name, closing date, loan document number, Executive Closing Agent and much more.

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First class Support

A team of recognized experts

Support center

The Technology Support Center is the primary point of contact for Closingology’s clients, their customers and our Executive Closing Agents seeking assistance with our software applications.
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Free updates

Closingology is constantly advancing our software and tools with technology upgrades to ensure a rich closing experience for all that we serve.
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Support scaling

Support scaling saves agents hours of time per day that translates into huge productivity boosts for our clients. Automating repeatable tasks streamlines the support process for our agents, clients and customers alike.
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