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Remote Online Notarization (RON) Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature, or e-Signature, is an electronic indication of intent to sign or agree to the contents of a real estate document. Now you can securely sign, store and manage 100% legally binding real estate documents from anywhere and anytime. The entire process of document signing and notarization can be conducted seamlessly in the cloud eliminating paper, hassles and wasted time walking into an office.

It's time for your closing to be simple and straightforward. Closingology's mobile and web apps allow you to stay updated on your closing status and access all of your real estate documents in one place.

How is a RON transaction different from other types of remote closing transactions?

A RON transaction is completely digital and conducted online using audio-visual technology. The transaction is also paperless and documents are signed electronically. The Executive Closing Agent/Notary uses tools built directly into the RON platform to remotely verify the identity of the signer (homeowner/homebuyer) and perform the notarial ceremony. The Executive Closing Agent/Notary uses applies an electronic notarial certificate and the RON platform will tamper seal the digital documents.

What criteria must be met for Closingology’s Executive Closing Agents/Notaries to perform a RON transaction?

Executive Closing Agents are commissioned and authorized for RON per state guidelines of where they are based. This is usually determined by the Secretary of State and other Notary governing entities such as the National Notary Association. Executive Closing Agents have acquired certain tools necessary to perform RON, including an electronic seal and digital certificate. They are also have obtained E&O insurance, bonded.

What type of closings does Closingology’s Executive Closing Agents conduct?

Our Executive Closing Agents conducts four types of closings across 50 states in the United States (including Washington, D.C.). Each state individually approves the type of notarization that is allowed to be conducted.

What states are currently approved for RON?

There are 34 states that have approved RON in the United States: Vermont, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Alaska and Hawaii.

How do I know if my state is approved for a remote online notarization when I submit an order for my real estate document to be notarized?

First you will register and setup an account on Closingology. Before you submit your notarization order on the Notarize & Close page there is an field to enter your property’s address, city, state and zip code. Then will be displayed the types of notarizations that are approved for your state and the cost. You can then select the type of notarization: Traditional Wet Signature In Person, IPEN, IRIN or RON.

After you select the notarization type you can then choose Notarize & Close Now or Notarize & Close Future:

  • Notarize & Close Now (only for RON closings if you have your real estate document available and are ready to notarize and close at that moment). There will be Executive Closing Agents immediately available to conduct your notarization and closing.)

  • Notarize & Close Future (for RON, IPEN, IRIN and traditional in person wet ink signature notarizations and closings at a future date and time that you will provide).
  • What do I need to do to prepare for my notarization and closing?

    What happens after my notarization and closing?

    After your notarization and closing the Executive Closing Agent with contact your lender/bank, escrow/title agent or attorney to ensure your real estate notarization documents are properly signed and notarized and sent to them via their preferred method – FedEx, fax, scan or email. A copy of the notarized documents will also be kept on the RON platform for you to access anytime or left with you if a traditional wet ink signature, IPEN or IRIN closing was conducted. Our number one priority is to ensure that you have a successfully completed notarization and closing.

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